Jean Lollar

Senior Consultant

Jean thrives on confirming and challenging educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning.  More than anything else, she is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience in teaching and leadership.  She works closely with school leaders and other educators for continued growth and achievement toward higher levels of expectations and excellence.

Prior to her service as assistant superintendent, she served as curriculum specialist, federal programs director, and teacher. Educational audiences from Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Ontario, and San Diego have gleaned from her expertise in School Improvement, Curriculum and Instruction, School and District Accreditation, and Grant Writing.  Her schools received state and national recognitions through her guidance and leadership.  She earned a state leadership award for her service in Federal Programs.

Jean has worked with school and district accreditations for over 30 years. Serving in education for forty-three years, it is her intent to utilize her professional experiences and provide opportunities to help move educational communities to new levels.

She is an accomplished grant writer using tactics for expanding learning.  She has secured grant dollars to make a bigger impact on schools and communities. During her educational career she has won federal and local grant funds for schools and districts totaling over one million dollars.

Jean has the ability to establish rapport, motivate and encourage, communicate and reciprocate ideas. She has a strong belief in the power of people to fulfill their potential and in the responsibility of education/educators to move toward higher levels of expectations and excellence.