Senior Consultant

Dr. Robert Sparkman is a 28 year veteran of public education, including eight years as a classroom teacher and 20 years in administration which includes the 13 years he served as superintendent of schools.  Robert is married and father of five children.

Robert has a real love for the art of teaching.  He has worked with programs that served many segments of the population including English as a second language learners, and has experience in online distance teaching. He is recognized as an outstanding classroom teacher, school administrator and as a district superintendent.

Robert enjoys helping educators provide meaningful learning opportunities for students. He is effective in working with school districts and teachers in identifying and using the most effective tools and methods available. When appropriate, he models teaching skills in his training programs.

Robert is author of topics of classroom motivation and discipline, and has made presentations to school districts over much of the country.  He has served as consultant and trainer for other public and private organizations.

In communities where he has worked, he always had an unwavering commitment to organizational and educational improvement by serving on chamber of commerce boards, foundation boards, and as a contributor to nonprofit organizations.  He has worked with school districts and other organizations to foster better planning, financial management, facility design and utilization, and better personnel management. Robert is known for his professional manner and warm personality that will make him a benefit to any organization.

Currently, Robert serves as pastor of a local church in Curry, Alabama, and has a great interest in working with other churches as well as other community service organizations. He has a special interest in helping churches to develop leadership within its membership, and has experience in guiding churches in capital campaigns, and in assisting them to reach ministry goals.